Roof Replacement

Roof replacement with durable and lightweight asphalt shingles

Your roof replacement / re-roofing project is an opportunity to improve the appearance of your home, put leaky worries to rest and add value to your property investment.

10mm air gap between plywood and fascia - roof installation tips
10mm air gap between the bottom edge of plywood and top of the fascia

When replacing old tiles or corrugated metal, asphalt shingles are a great option as they provide many additional benefits with the whole roof system.  The shingle roofing system is a perfect roof replacement option being lightweight at 18kg/m² – this compares to some old concrete tiles at around 100kg/m².

The load that this takes off your home is enormous. However, their lightweight form doesn’t make them weak.  The structural support and bracing strength of the plywood base is nothing short of amazing, and the whole roofing frame is locked together.

An asphalt shingle roof system is a closed system consisting of three main layers, plywood, underlay and shingles.

Because of this system, roof leaks become a thing of the past. There are no more rusted flashings or rusted metal valleys. Loose mortar and faded tiles are no more and that horrible lead flashing vanishes.  With an asphalt shingle roof replacement, you will have little to no maintenance issues, and roof restoration becomes a thing of the past.

One of the things you will notice with your new roof replacement is how clean and neat it is finished.  There is a neatly closed cut valley, flashing’s around skylights vanishes and the shingle buts up neatly to all vertical walls. Your roof becomes a thing of beauty, not a necessity. A premium roof replacement product that stands out from the masses of tiles and corrugated metal.

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