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DIY gazebo roofing  for a new building or as a replacement

Replace that old Bali thatch (alang-alang), African thatch, western red cedar, tin or tiled gazebo roof with one of our strong, durable and long-lasting American asphalt shingle gazebo kits. Choose from either a natural slate-style or a wooden style shingle with 30-year manufacturers warranties. The maintenance-free gazebo kits roofing materials are created with naturally inspired colour blends that will complement your outdoor setting.


Gazebo roof kits
Custom Made Shingle Gazebo Roofing


A cost-effective roofing option, once you have your asphalt shingle roof in place, you can enjoy it for 30 – 40 years maintenance-free.

This roof system is lightweight (18kg/m2), and the marine-grade plywood base provides excellent bracing strength to the frame.

I see hundreds of thatch gazebos that look fantastic when they are first installed but start to weather very quickly. It is not logical to buy something that needs a roof replacement every 5 years+.

Our roofing company can install your asphalt roof shingles or purchase our DIY gazebo roof to save on the cost. The home handyman can build most outdoor gazebos in a weekend with relative ease. Give us a call to discuss your custom made gazebo roofing  requirements. Available for new roofs or roof replacements.


shingle gazebo kits
New Asphalt Shingles After Replacing Gazebo Roof

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