Best roofing options to cope with the Australian climate

Australia seems to be a land of extremes. When it’s raining, it’s pouring; when it’s sunny it’s beautiful; when it’s dry there are fires; and in recent years we have seen some of the worst natural disasters in our country’s history – fires, floods and cyclones.

Whether you reside in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart or the Gold Coast – our asphalt shingles are built to handle the extremes in weather.

Choosing roofing materials is one of the most fundamentally important aspects of building or renovating a home. Have you considered roofing shingles? Protecting North American roofs for years, asphalt shingles have proved themselves against the harshest elements. Roof shingles present a far more affordable option than traditional sheet metal, slates or concrete roof tiles.

IKO Marathon Dual Grey Asphalt Shingles on a Large Garage Roof
IKO Marathon Dual Grey Asphalt Shingles on a Large Garage Roof


As a roofing material roof shingles offer a far more practical solution today, they not only look great fixed to any roofing structure, but they also offer more rewarding energy conservation because of the insulation quality that is associated with asphalt shingles.

It is an obvious choice roof shingles make the very best roofing material choice and with more Australian homeowners are choosing roof shingles on new home construction as well as home renovations due to the lightweight, better insulation and strength qualities. If you are considering a better alternative for your next roofing project, consider roofing shingles from ASRC the Asphalt Shingle Roofing Material.


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