New Roofing Material

Choosing a new roof style for your home

Roof Supplies AustraliaWhen building a new home, you have a chance to get everything right, right from the start. A new roof is a significant decision and needs to be a careful and knowledgeable decision.

. The roofing decision you are about to make will have long term consequences. Get it right, and life will be safer and more comfortable for your family – no worries about leaks, ongoing maintenance or Australia’s extreme weather.

Your first step is to do a little research – on the web, on foot, and during conversations with others. We can help you do some research, so you can make an informed new roof choice that you will be happy with for decades. 

Learn about the new roof materials market in Australia

Research the pros and cons of all of the different types of roofing materials that you like. In Australia, the new roof options are concrete tiles, corrugated metal roofing, terracotta tiles, timber shingles and asphalt shingles.

Talk to the new roof experts – Designers and Architects

Suppose you can talk to the experts. Your new roof shape may exclude some types of roofing materials.  For example, 9.5 degrees is the minimum roof pitch for an asphalt shingle system. For flat roofs, metal is a better option.

Take a look in person.

Ask the roofing company to supply you with a list of new roofs they have built and taken the time to drive past and have a look or take some photos. Roofs can look very different in reality to what they look like on-line in an image.  You will also get to see the colours and materials used to complement the roof and hopefully help you with your design choices.

Browse through roofing galleries on the web

Please browse our gallery to see images of homes with asphalt shingle roofs. Other roofing materials suppliers will have similar online galleries. Print images that reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your new roof; don’t forget to note the product colour and name.

Consider our extreme weather conditions.

Some roofing materials require special coatings, fasteners, maintenance or reinforcement for Australia’s extreme conditions, so your new roof might take longer to build and cost more if you live in a high-wind zone or by the ocean. An asphalt shingle roof system will need to be storm nailed (plywood and shingles) in a high wind zone for added strength. Storm nailing is a relatively straightforward process and does not cost any more money to build. If you live by the ocean, an asphalt shingle roof is a rust-free solution.

Keep a scrapbook of your favourite pictures.

Keep some photos of roofs that you like in a scrapbook with relevant information. When you feel that the information and image gathering stage is over, spend some time discussing and eliminating roofs with your partner or a friend.

Call asphalt shingles roofing materials for a quote or just to chat.

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