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  1. Hi there, we are looking at building a Cabana and are chasing enough wood shingle for a roof 3.3 X 3.8 probably need to times that by 1.25 to take care of the pitch. So Approx 15.7m2, i have heard that canadian ceder shingle is quite good, but if you could give us some prices for different types of wood that you have avaliable
    Dan Ward

    1. You are right! The Canadian “Western red Cedar” is the best wooden roofing product. When they are first installed these shakes look brilliant. After a few years, they can start to deteriorate very quickly with the extreme Australian weather. When installing these products it is imperative to have excellent airflow as this enables the wooden shingles to dry out after heavy rain.
      We have a Weatherwood colour asphalt shingle in the Cambridge range that is made to look like a wooden shingle roof but performs so much better. The cost of the Cambridge shingle is about 1/4 of the price of the Cedar. The Cambridge laminated shingle comes with a 30-year warranty.

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