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Asphalt Shingle Roofing Materials Company has the most extensive range of American shingles in Australia. Our IKO range of shingles has 30 Year and Limited Lifetime warranties. We stock shingles that resemble the natural beauty of slate or wooden shakes.  An American shingle system beautifies and protects your home against inclement weather. Both long-lasting and cost-effective, our roofing supplies will suit most roofs or wall cladding applications. To see what our complete range of IKO asphalt roofing materials will look like on your house, try our new Shingle Roofing Materials Viewer.


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Roofing Supplies
American Shingle Materials in Australia

Asphalt Shingle Roofing Material Benefits.

How much do shingle roof materials cost?

Roof shingles are a very cost-competitive roofing product with the other mainstream roofing supplies in Australia, including tiles and metal.  Shingles are considerably cheaper than Terracotta tiles, Western Red Cedar Shakes, Natural Slates and Thatching. Shingle roofing material will cost between $20 – $40m² depending on the style and type. The Asphalt shingle cost is directly related to the warranty period.

A relative foolproof way to determine shingle roof materials’ quality is by measuring the thickness and weight. Heavier shingle roof materials mean more asphalt used in production. More asphalt means a longer lifespan and higher cost price.

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Types of American Roof Shingles

The two main types of shingles are three-tab and dimensional. Dimensional shingles are also Laminated or Architectural, designed to resemble natural wooden shakes. The three-tab shingle is a traditional style made to resemble slate tile roofing materials.

Laminated / Architectural / Dimensional Roofing Shingles

A high-end dimensional shingle mimics the look of real cedar shakes or natural slates. Unlike these products, there is no high cost and ongoing upkeep. Both options are suitable for the Australian climate. The laminated shingle provides superior protection against strong winds – up to 210km/hr. The Marathon range rates at 105km/hr with a standard nailing pattern.

Ultra-Premium Shingles

IKO also offers an ULTRA premium range of shingle roof materials. These multi-laminated shingles come with Limited Lifetime warranties and the highest impact rating. The Crown Slate, Royal Estate and ArmourShake provide many decades of life and give your home a unique look. For a WOW factor, the ULTRA premium range is unbeatable in both style and quality.

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Asphalt Roof Shingles
American Shingles

An Excellent DIY Roofing Material

As a DIY product, the asphalt/bitumen shingle system is hard to beat. Installation is fast and easy, with no experience necessary. Planning a new outdoor structure can be a little daunting. Visit this handy roof supplies calculation, enter your project details and be rewarded with a full and detailed set of plans. You can use these plans to let your council know what you are planning. It also becomes a shopping list for your framing timber supplies and plywood roof sheets.

Provide the measurements of your project, and we will work out precisely what roofing supplies you need, including roof sheets, Synthetic underlay and shingle. We then send the kit with an exact amount of materials required. The DIY roof material guide is available to provide a detailed resource to help you with the installation.

A standard size gazebo is a weekend job, due to the easy installation process. Only standard tools needed, found in most backyard sheds, and the savings can be considerable. Our light-weight products are sent around Australia cheaply and easily.

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Asphalt Shingle
Dual Black Three-Tab Option

IKO Shingle Roof Materials | Worldwide Market Leaders

We are the Australian distributors and suppliers of IKO’s roofing material. IKO is the largest supplier of shingle roofing and related products Worldwide. Their range of roof supplies is rated the best available.  IKO’s range of shingles has a super-strong fibre-glass mat, thick bitumen coating and most tightly packed ceramic granules combined to produce class-leading performance. The IKO range of shingles weighs considerably more than the competition which confirms the dense layer of asphalt shingle. This thick asphalt shingle layer is what provides shingles with their long life. These elements create the best roof supplies available Worldwide.

All IKO shingles have algae-resistant copper granules included that inhibit the growth of moss and algae. Algae can cause discolouration and unattractive black streaks.

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Roofing Supplies for Australian Homes

Shingle roofs will complement most pitched residential roofs, from modern Architectural to classic. You can apply shingles as cladding on vertical walls and low slope roofs, as low as 9.5 degrees pitch.

We have been building roofs for 15 years in Australia. At last count over 500 shingle roofs. The roofs we have built up to 15 years ago are still in excellent condition handling Australia’s weather with ease.

Roofing Materials
Cambridge Dual Black Shingle.

 The Shingle Roof System

The main elements of a shingle system are Structural plywood sheets, Underlay and the shingles themselves. This combination is both lightweight and extremely strong. Gone are the days of cracking tiles or damaging metal roofs.

A single roof is incredibly durable and long-lasting. You can walk on it without causing damage due to the structural plywood roofing sheets. Access is a real benefit when you need to inspect your roof, clean out your gutters, move the TV aerial etc. Installing skylights is also relatively simple with the shingles and underlay providing the overlap required over the skylight flashing.

Green Environmental Credentials of Shingle Roofs

  • Asphalt shingle roofing material is made from bitumen and granules and recycled to make pavements and roads.
  • The insulated plywood roof sheets store CO² for the life of the building. These roof supplies take CO² out of the atmosphere.
  • The lightweight roof system requires less structure/mass in the home build aiding the environment.
  • IKO has a range of “Cool Colours” which keep the heat down saving on energy costs.
  • IKO use recycled content in the manufacturing process of their asphalt shingles.
  • The shingle system is used extensively in areas where earthquakes are prone. This system weighs up to 6 times less than roof tiles or Slates; shingles are a much safer roofing material alternative.
  • The structural plywood insulated roof sheets brace the roof and provide a protective layer from falling trees etc.
  • A shingle roof system involves a full ventilation system. This includes inlet ventilation near the gutter and outlet ventilation at the ridge. This eliminates problems caused by moisture build-up, including mould/mildew, wood rot and damaging insects.
  • Due to the plywood insulated roofing, your roof space can be utilised as an attic for storage or an extra room for the kids.

Areas we serve

Asphalt shingle roofing materials Australia will supply or supply and install your our American roofing supplies Australia wide. This includes: –

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • ACT
  • Tasmania.

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